About Us

What makes us, us

Technology is at our core

Innovation in our veins

Geekybuddha Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a young startup with a versatile set of founders and team members. Together we have worked on a large number of technologies and products. Our main area of focus is problem solving and fast execution of ideas through the best of the technology. Hardware, software, mobile or any other interface doesn't make difference in our approach, since our approach is always to work on the best possible solutions.

Our Latest Works

Hardware, software, mobile and more

Product Development

A product is result of instant brilliancy as well as tirelessly iterating until finding perfection

Everything for us starts with a problem to solve and an idea. The challenge is always to come up with a simple solution to a tough problem. The creative and smart minds of our team works in unison to assemble bits and bytes of 0 and 1 to finally arrive at a solution par excellence.

Software and Hardware

Our weapons of choice to make things happen

Technology is eating the world and software & hardware are it's main enablers. Our team consists of passionate people in the field of software as well as hardware. We believe that though every product is different and solves a unique problem, it's Software and Hardware that make it possible. We work on all latest technologies and platforms. From microcontrollers to mobile apps, we make everything work together in unison.

Service Image Platforms and Technologies we work on

ATMEGA, XMEGA, PIC, Arduion, Raspberry Pi, Analog and Digital Sensors, Storage, Wireless, Bluetooth, RS232, Serial and more

Service Image

Python, Django, NodeJS, AngularJS, Jquery, SysAdmin, Applications Development and More

Service Image

IoT Devices, Interfacing, Android, iOS, UI/UX and Much more

Press Coverage

Some of the love from the press