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Politics of India

Politics of India is strategy board games based on the Indian political system. Played by 4-6 players, the games is a fun way to explore the democratic system in India, but not in a too much educative way, but it's more like an actual representation of current Indian politics, which involves both good and bad ways to win.

Politics of India' is a strategy based board game with unique but easy to understand game play. 'Politics of India' simulates the Parliament elections of India and gives you a chance to become the best political party in India and make government.

Either you can fight for election on the issues like 'Development', 'Women safety' etc. or you can play dirty politics and use unethical methods such as 'booth capturing', 'bogus voting' or 'bahubali' and try to win maximum number of seats. But when you are using unethical resources, be aware of 'election commission raid' during voting otherwise your candidate will be disqualified.

Game theme - The game is for 2 to 4 players. As a player, you are one of the national political party of India and this is the election time. Your goal is to win maximum number of seats in India by using any way, be it money, ethical or unethical way and form the government at the center.

Game Play - Each player gets 1 party card, 15 candidate cards after shuffling, 3 resource cards after shuffling and 15 crore( 150 million) Rupees to each player and start the game. There are two stages of game. In the first stage, there are 15 rounds. In these rounds player has to manage resources and money is a way that they can utilize it maximum and puts most number of candidates. Once the 1st stage is over, voting starts by opening voting cards and playing the dice for each seat of all states. Finally, the person who wins maximum number of seats, takes the game and form the government.

The game consists of following cards and material -

  • 1. Candidate Cards - There are total 60 candidate cards. Each candidate card consists of the name of the candidate and a numerical value. This numerical value decides the worth of the candidate, the higher the better. Each player gets 15 candidate cards at the beginning of the game.
  • 2. Resource Cards - There are total 50 resources cards. Resources cards contains various issues for which a candidate fight for the election. Each resource card has one of the issue, such as Development, Employment, Free Electricity, Women Safety, River Water issue, Seperate state and more. Along with these issues there are some unethical cards, such as Booth Capturing, Voting list scam, candidate kidnapping and more. These cards, when used, can increase the chances of winning the election, but they can get a candidate withdrawn, if election commission raids on that state or seat. Along with the issue, each resource card also has a numerical value on it. This numerical value adds up to the candidate value when put together with candidate and increases the chances of winning. Resource cards are stacked with the candidate with closed face, not visible to any other player. Resource card is opened during the voting, in the second stage.
  • 3. Voting Cards - There are total 12 voting cards. Each voting card has 6 rules written over it, which corresponds to the number a player gets on the dice during the voting. Player has to perform the task it get on the voting card. Voting cards eventually decides the winner on each seat.
  • 4. 6 face Dice - 1
  • 5. Party Name cards - 4


"Was a big fan of Business as I enjoy money transavtions, after playing politics of india I love this game. Actally game has some ending not time comsuming as business" - Mansi
" The game is a suberb board game i've ever played... It is well designed.. made out of best material and also so attractive that everyone wants to play... Atleast try it so that u can also get the honor to play such a superb game.... :) "- Kushal