A XBox like gaming platform
for outdoor playing

Goodness of outdoor playing, combined with
fun of console gaming that keeps kids fit
and away from screens!

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    360 View of Rollio

    A revolution in the outdoor playing

    A wheel shaped toy, Rollio is fitted with sensors like accelerometer, gyro, gps and more. When you roll it and run after it, it activates the interactive sound based fantasy gaming system. You can play games on it such as Racing, Map Explorer, Shooting and more!

    How to play with Rollio?

    Set it up

    You can download Rollio comaptible mobile games from App Store or Play Store. Once downloaded, you need to sync it with your Rollio by following the instructions on the Rollio display and app.

    Take it outdoors

    When you roll it and run after it, an interactive sound fantasy system gets activated. It guides you through the game you are playing, it reacts based on your action. If you are playing jungle explorer game, you hear sounds of jungle, you can run after fantasy tigers, butterflies, elephants and totally get immersed in the experience.

    Games, a lot of it

    MAPS EXPLORER, TREASURE HUNT, FIND MY MARKS, RACING and SHOOTING are some of the games you can play with Rollio. A SDK for iOS and Android will be relased, third party developers can also develop apps for Rollio with it.


    Less Screen Time

    Rollio's mobile gaming like entertainment in outdoors results into reduced screen and couch time for your kids! You no longer have to enforce restrictions on the use of technology for kids

    More Physical Activities

    Unlike other robotics toys, Rollio isn't remote controlled. Kids roll it and run after it to play the games on it. Improvement in the health and fitness of kids is the biggest advantage of Rollio

    Kid's Favorite Toy

    Rollio is always exciting for kids, thanks to the large number of games that can be played on it! Just like a skateboard, every kid's Rollio is unique and dearest to him or her


    Age group 6-16

    A Rollio for every kid! Rollio is available in 3 different sizes, for age groups, 6 to 16

    Long Lasting Battery

    Outoor toy like Rollio needs to have a solid battery for uninterrupted play. Rollio comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, which can go on for days once fully charged

    GPS Enabled

    With the GPS fitted in Rollio, you can always track and locate the real time position of your kids. For safety of your kids and peace of your mind